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Services & Parts


Comprehensive Truck Servicing & Quality Parts

Gippsland Truck Centre is your one-stop truck shop for servicing, parts, and truck accessories. Our experienced mechanics specialise in a wide range of areas. We understand that your truck's performance is crucial to your business, so we use the latest technology and genuine parts to ensure it operates at its best. From routine servicing to complex repairs, our team is dedicated to keeping your truck or fleet in excellent condition. You can trust us to provide the quality servicing and parts your trucks deserve, keeping you on the road and your business thriving.

Mechanical Services

Image of a man changing the wheel bearing
Brake Repairs
Image a man fixing a car engine
Suspension Services
Close up image of a repairman fixing car engine
Transmission Services
Image of a man doing a Preventive Truck maintenance
Steering System Repairs
Image of a man repairing a car
Exhaust System Services
Image a man's hand performing a Reactive Maintenance on a truck
Cooling System Maintenance
Image a man wearing a blue hat fixing truck issues for Roadside assistance for trucks
Electrical Repairs
Image of a mechanic fixing the trucks's brakes
Tyre Services
Image of a mechanic changing fuel filter
Fuel System Maintenance
Image of a man holding a valve
HVAC Services
Image of a man performing a Preventive Maintenance on a truck
Drivetrain Repairs
Image of a hand of a truck mechanics near me
Exhaust Emission System Services
Image of a man holding engine truck parts in Victoria
Hydraulic System Repairs
Image of a oil coming out of the truck
Differential Servicing
Image of a mechanic fixing a car
Engine Repairs
Image of a man fixing truck engine
Engine Servicing

Quality Parts

At Gippsland Truck Centre, we understand the critical importance of using authentic, factory-approved parts for your truck. These genuine parts are specifically designed to fit your truck's exact specifications, ensuring seamless compatibility and optimal functionality. When you choose genuine truck parts from us, you're investing in longevity, quality, and peace of mind. 

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